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Alias Molis Stamatis
Projects Cursed Soul
Games Cursed Soul
Nationality Possibly Greek
P. Languages Javascript, Rot.js
Official site of Stamatis

The name Stamatis is derived from Greek origin and can mean multiple things. It can be an omen or well-wishing name expressing the wish of parents to stop giving birth to girls, or given to a boy after the death of older siblings. It can also mean ‘stop dying’. In the context of the User:Stamatis, it means ‘stop dying’.

Stamatis is a programmer who can’t decide what to work on next, constantly jumping from project to project. In fact, they have only finished a fair share of projects, Cursed Soul being one of them.

Little is known about Stamtis except the fact that they were born on April 6th, 2007.

Stamatis disappeared off the internet at the start of 2022, except for the creation of a twitter account in May of 2023.

(Note: This Account Is Hosted By A Fan)