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Rough editing guidelines for various sections of RogueBasin, and general editor support.


  • When naming pages and headings, do not capitalize second and subsequent words unless the title is a proper noun (such as a name) or is otherwise almost always capitalized.
  • Pages should be impartial, and present all viewpoints and ideas fairly. Pages should not be biased towards any one game - Barbarian, for example, should not focus on NetHack's Barbarian, but should provide a general description, origin, usages, ideas, possible skills, etc.
  • Articles imported from rgrd should be named exactly as they were.
  • Roguelike is capitalized. RogueBasin is capitalized.

Talk pages

  • Post in chronological order, with newer entries and responses at the bottom, as per Usenet and other Wikis.



Don't forget to sign your message when you leave one at a talk page. Simply place four tildes, ~~~~, at the end of your message, and they will be converted into your signature and a datestamp.

To change your signature to something like –UsernameTalk, go into your preferances and paste:


into "Your nickname". Make sure option "raw signatures" is checked. Please do not add a very long signature, as they tend to make the wiki code hard to follow.


The following list contains links to the instructions for using a given template.