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The Roguelike Restoration Project is an attempt to "restore" legacy roguelikes designed for obsolete systems, so that they may be played on modern computers.

The project "officially" began in 2000, though work was done throughout the 90s.

The following roguelikes have been released:

As of June 2014, the following games are unstable and only available in source form:

As of June 2014, the following games are only available in obsolete binary form:

  • Rogue versions 3.4, 4.22, and 5.3

As of June 2014, the following games have yet to be released:


Due to the then-unknown status of RRP development, Rogue web site released the Roguelike Restoration Project Fork in 2012. The fork was based on the RRP's SVN trunk from 20100417, with the intent of making compilation and installation easier and improving Wizard Mode related code.

The initial release of the Fork (20121206) was in December 2012. A second version (20130801) was released in August 2013. After the Roguelike Restoration Project stated in September 2013 that development was active (and had since released new material), the Fork was abandoned, with the final version (20140528) released in May 2014.

At the time of its discontinuation, the only versions the Fork had improved were Rogue v3.6, v5.2, and v5.4 and SuperRogue v9.0.