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Stable game
Developer Robert Pietkivitch, Roguelike Restoration Project, others
Influences Super-Rogue, Advanced Rogue 7.7
Released 1989-92, 2000, 1997-05 (v8.0, Unreleased, v8.0.3)
Updated November 29, 2015 (v8.0.5)
Licensing Similar to "New BSD"
P. Language
Platforms Windows, DOS, Linux
Interface ASCII text
Game Length
Official site of XRogue

XRogue is a legacy roguelike game. It was developed by Robert Pietkivitch between 1989 and 1992 for the AT&T UNIX PC. Based on Advanced Rogue 7.7, it is currently maintained by the Roguelike Restoration Project.

In 2015 A new version 8.0.5 has been released by a new maintainer Gibbon.

Pietkivitch had worked on enhancements for the game in 2000. This updated source code was lost in history due to Pietkivitch's death in 2002.