The Favored

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The Favored
Developer Cymon
Theme Statistics
Influences Robotfindskitten
Released Mar 13, 2009
Updated Mar 13, 2009
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows,Linux , maybe more
Interface Console
Game Length A couple minutes
Official site of The Favored
The Favored is a coffeebreak roguelike

This was Cymon's entry for the 2009 7drl challenge. It's been reviewed on as well as on Cymon's own site Cymon's Games by guest reviewer Darren Grey.


The Favored combines Russian Roulette type game play with Robotfindskitten cleverness book ended with cute ASCII animations. The game revolves around a hero stuck in a rabbit's burrow. In order to get to the next level the hero builds a ladder out of the bones and sinews of slain rabbits. However, unknown to the hero one of the rabbits on each level is favored of the rabbit gods. Attempting to kill this one will result in the hero being smitten by a lightning bolt. The probability of picking a favored rabbit in any encounter is displayed on the screen, 1 out of however many rabbits there are. As you slay rabbits the game keeps track of your cumulative probability and displays it when you are smitten to death or survive at the end of each game.

The game's kill messages are stored in the file killmsgs.txt and range from clever pop references to grotesque descriptions of deaths. The author has encouraged users to edit this file to their liking and send any changes to him for inclusion in future distributions.