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I've changed (Viking) to (Finnish setting) for UnrealWorld because it has nothing to do with vikings (not the scandinavian mythologies) --- Crypt


Maybe we should have a horror/modern category as well?

Aye, a zombie category would be nice. I could compile a list if no one objects. I'm also assuming it's ok if some games appear in multiple categories. Nilsf 09:51, 12 March 2009 (CET)

Wouldn't it be nice if the "List of roguelikes by theme" was consistent with the "theme = " lines of the game templates on their pages? Could it be done automatically (when set up)? PaulBlay

Updating theme list

Should Alpha projects be included in the 'by theme' list? There are 33 alpha projects in Roguebasin that don't seem to be in the list, and 16 that are. What about 7DRL - 7 in, 48 out. PaulBlay


  • Remove 'defunct' from the list. (125->110)
  • Remove 'alpha' from the list. (110->90)
  • Remove 'talkies' from the list. (90->82)
  • Remove 'engines' from the list. (90->79)
  • Classify, or remove, all 'yet unclassified' items. (79->79)
  • Add all games in RogueBasin that don't fall into the above categories. (79->133)


  • Include only one or two examples from each 'theme' (rather than have 'yet another list').


  • As proposal TWO, but have a separate list for each major theme on separate pages.

I have gone ahead with PROPOSAL ONE. After editing there are 123 games linked from the article - just two less than before the change. PaulBlay

Removed as 'not conveniently playable'

Possibly the 7DRL should not be removed, I'm open to feedback. PaulBlay

Fantasy (rather pure)

Fantasy (with elements from other themes)

Science fiction


Generic Engines

Yet unclassified